Warrock Homestead | Dog Kennels
Warrock, historic, heritage listed, kelpie birthpldace, Casterton, George Patterson, Warrock Homestead, Warrock Station
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  • dog kennels warrock kelpie
  • Dog kennels kelpie warrock
  • A plaque comemorating the birthplace of the kelpie

Dog Kennels

The dog kennels represent the recognised birthplace of the iconic Australian working dog – The Kelpie. The foundation bitch was bred here by George Robertson from Collie stock imported from the UK.

The kennels also housed the Irish Wolf hound/Stag hound cross dogs used to hunt native dingo. The last dingo caught at Warrock was documented in 1881.

As of July 2017, maintenance on the kennels has now been completed including pressure washing the bricks and repairing the iron work on the roof.


June 23, 2017


Dog kennels