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Historic photos

Thanks to Beryl Camilleri for sending through these amazing photos of Warrock and its former workers and inhabitants. So many people have been in contact to tell us their special connection with Warrock. We encourage anyone with historical knowledge of Warrock to touch base with us,...

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Kelpie Festival Open Weekend

We look forward to seeing everyone on the Queen's Birthday Weekend June 8-11, 2018 for our open weekend. We have achieved so much since last year's festival with the restoration of the dog kennels, the belfry, the coach house and of course painting the homestead. This...

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Casterton Car Club visit to Warrock

The Casterton Car Club had sunny blue skies for their visit to Warrock in June 2018. The vintage cars looked magnificent next to our heritage buildings. We have enjoyed numerous clubs and groups for tours of Warrock and we hope to have more open days and...

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  • Warrock Belfry
  • Warrock belfry

The bell tolls again at Warrock

With heavy winter rain and freezing conditions, re-painting and refurbishing the belfry has been a tough task. However, under the leadership of Gary McGee from Blazeaid and a small team of keen carpenters, painters and canine observers, the job is complete. We must say a big thank...

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Milling timber onsite

Warrock is located in the heart of Red Gum country along the Glenelg River valley. Because of the prolific number of trees, the farm is littered with perfectly usable fallen timber, exactly the same timber used originally to build many of the structures at Warrock in...

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Refurbishing the belfry

The belfry is one of the more decorative buildings at Warrock, and while the bell is still operational, the building encasing it was in danger of falling down! In the freezing and soggy Western Victorian Winter, we have had several volunteers working hard to restore this...

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The dog kennels are finished!

A few weeks of hard work in cold Western Victorian Winter has paid off and the dog kennels maintenance is complete. Our hard working volunteer Gary McGee did the majority of the work, which involved pressure washing the bricks and repairing the iron work on the...

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More maintenance on the dog kennels

The cleaning and repainting process has begun for the dog kennels at Warrock. The kennels are an important part of the history of not only Warrock, but signify the birthplace of the kelpie. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers for their assistance with this project. One...

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A plaque comemorating the birthplace of the kelpie

Cleaning the famous kennels

Warrock is of course famous for being the birthplace of the iconic Australian working dog: The Kelpie. The original kennels are still somewhat intact and our first order of business is to give them a clean. Big thanks to Gary who has the job today...

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