Warrock Homestead | The Main House
Warrock, historic, heritage listed, kelpie birthpldace, Casterton, George Patterson, Warrock Homestead, Warrock Station
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The Main House

The first section was built in 1848, the reminder in 1853. The two sections remained a few feet apart until George Robertson died in 1890. His nephew G. R. Patterson came to live at Warrock with his family and linked the two with a passage and two extra rooms. The character of the original building was unaltered and remains the same today.
The glassed in portion of the verandah once had a glass roof to collect rain water for drinking. Underneath the verandah is a brick-lined tank 12 feet deep. The hand pump, dated April, 1859, is still on the verandah.


June 23, 2017


Main house